Maître Laurence ATTALI-MULLER is a commercial mediatror registred before the Appeal Court of Paris.

Mediation is a quick, efficient and inexpensive method of amicable dispute resolution.

Thus, in the event of a commercial dispute, if you prefer an amicable agreement to a trial, Laurence ATTALI-MULLER can intervene as Mediator to help you reach an optimal negotiated solution and, in any case, in accordance with your respective interests, thus putting an end to the dispute.

No solution is imposed on the Parties and the mediation process is guaranteed by the total confidentiality of the exchanges between the Parties to the dispute in the presence of the Mediator who is neutral and totally independent.

Mediation may take place in particular in the event of non-performance or abusive breach of commercial contracts.

The interest of mediation is also to allow the Parties to rebuild a new agreement between them and thus continue their contractual relationship.

Maître ATTALI-MULLER, Lawyer at the Paris Bar, can also assist you as a Consultant in the context of mediation conducted by a third-party Mediator.