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The law firm Attali-Muller is involved in both advisory and litigation matters. We have solid experience in providing high value added advisory services and quality legal representation.

Trained in mediation, she favors negotiation in order to reach agreements. She is a commercial mediator before French Court (Registered before Appeal Court in Paris)

We attach particular importance to listening to our clients and the greatest transparency about our costs.

Moreover, she is a lawyer for real estate transactions.

Lawyer since 25 years and trained in Anglo-Saxon and foreign firms both in France, and in Israel, we intervene in business law, contract law, commercial law, real estate law, both in terms of consultancy (in strategy, drafting of contracts : commercial and rental) and litigation.

Since 2010, Laurence ATTALI -MULLER is certified and accredited "commercial mediator" by the Centre for mediation and arbitration of Paris, and as such, assist both individuals and companies engaged in the contentious field, to get closer in order to try to find a common amicable solution.

In this way, we have developed a particular negotiating and transaction experience backed up by a new, thorough training within RESOLVERS on reasoned negotiation (Harvard: "getting to Yes" Fisher and URY): Turn conflicts into business opportunies.

Practice areas

Distribution law and commercial agreements, contracts drafting, competition law and regulation, corporate litigation, mediation and arbitration

Leases, business, contentious, rent problems, co-ownership,  ...

Conventional mediation, drafting of arbitration or compromise clauses, institutional and ad hoc arbitration, judicial litigation relating to arbitration, etc.

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