Our fees

The fees of the firm of Laurence Attali-Muller are set in complete transparency with the client, after acceptance of our quote by the letter, in accordance with the rules of ethics of the profession of Lawyer.

The firm Laurence Attali-Muller undertakes to evoke the question of fees from the first appointment, after having read the case. The method of payment most suited to the client and the case in question will be systematically recommended by the Cabinet Attali-Muller.

To specify the terms and conditions for fixing the fees, a fee agreement will be made between the firm of Maître Laurence Attali-Muller and the client. Three formulas can be proposed:

Fees at the time spent:

Fees will be based on the lawyer's time and hourly rate. When this form of remuneration is adopted, the firm Laurence Attali-Muller indicates to its client the estimated number of hours necessary for the processing of its file, and has at its disposal a count of the time devoted to its business.

The flat rate fee:

This formula is generally used in cases where there is little risk in the process, allowing the firm to agree with its client a lump sum for the entire processing of the case .

The "result" fee.

Where the firm and the client have expressly provided for this in the fee agreement, additional compensation, based on obtaining a specific result for the client, may be added to a "minimum" fee based on a package or a quota of hours. However, the performance fee can not be the sole mode of remuneration of the lawyer.

Compensation and reimbursement of fees: the Code of Civil Procedure (Article 700) provides the possibility for a court to condamn the opposite party to reimburse you partially or in full for the fees and expenses incurred in court proceedings.